Patterson Park playground addition

Playground Addition and Tree Planting Projects Approved by FoPP

Friends of Patterson Park voted by a strong majority to support the proposed playground addition, and unanimously to support the tree planting proposal. The poll was held online October 9-11, and 37 members participated. The final tally was 35 in favor of the playground addition and 2 against, and 37 in favor of the tree planting.

The next steps for the playground addition will be to apply for an Austin Parks Foundation ACL Music Festival Grant. The next step for the tree planting is to inform TreeFolks and APF, so that they can submit a tree order to their nursery this month and schedule a planting day in December or January.

Next steps on the Neighborhood Park Plan are to present it to the surrounding neighborhood associations for review and a vote. The schedule to date is the following:

Mueller NA, Oct. 21
Delwood 2 NA, Nov. 5
Cherrywood NA, Nov. 18
Schieffer-Willowbrook NA, TBC November
Wilshire Wood NA TBC January

Patterson Park playground addition


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