Patterson Park Community Garden tool shed

Patterson Park Community Garden Work Day Scheduled for June 4

By Mark Smolen

I’m happy to report that the Patterson Park Community Garden is tracking to schedule, regardless of the recent rains. We have commitments from all our contractors and suppliers for the construction of the garden.  The irrigation lines have already been laid and hose bibs installed, and the tool shed was built on site last week.

Our next  workday will be on June 4 at 9 a.m. at the garden site in the park. We will be flagging fence posts locations for the fence work that is planned the following week.  This should take no more than two hours. Please join us.  Hours will count toward required community time for plot members.

photo Bend in the River Art & Music Festival

CherryWoodstock – A Neighborhood Music Festival

[Update: See the final lineup for Cherrywoodstock here]

By wiccit and DMan

We are planning to hold a small music festival this fall at Patterson Park called CherryWoodstock! It will be held on a Saturday, September 17, from 12pm-6pm. This event will showcase many of the musicians that are right next door and down the street, and shine a spotlight on the talent in our own neighborhood 🙂

We have been working with and been given preliminary support from the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association, Friends of Patterson Park, local businesses and the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Austin, and we aim to meet with surrounding neighborhoods Schieffer-Willowbrook, Delwood 2, Mueller and, of course, the immediate neighbors.

This is a family-friendly event, created in the hopes of building stronger connections within our community and celebrating our little corner of the city!

We will be gathering at Cherrywood Coffeehouse on Monday, May 23, at 8:30 pm to gather anyone who would like to participate and support this idea. Hopefully, we’ll see many of you there! Look for a few goofy folk with a small CherryWoodstock! flag.

Patterson Park Community Garden May Work Day

By Mark Smolen

We had a successful workday at the park on Saturday, May 14 getting out our grid lines and roping off the garden perimeter in preparation for irrigation work which is planned for later this month. We had help from 13 volunteers, including our two potential future gardeners, Dario and Ellison! There are still plots available. Email me for more info.

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Photo credit: Mark Smolen


Maplewood Alumni Reunion May 2016. Photo by Doug Green.

3rd Maplewood Alumni Reunion held at Patterson Park

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

Maplewood Elementary School alumni from the 50s and 60s held what has become a bi-annual reunion at Patterson Park on Saturday, May 14, 2016. There was a big crowd and people brought their families to visit with childhood friends and enjoy a BBQ at their old stomping grounds. The first reunion was held in 2010 and written up in the Austin American Statesman.

We were the children of Delwood, a post-World War II subdivision built near the old Robert Mueller Municipal Airport; we were the sons and daughters of working-class and middle-class parents from America’s greatest generation. Each of us has held on to that special time without fully knowing or understanding the extent to which our childhood friends shared those same feelings and memories. Until now, that is.

article by alum here: The kids of Maplewood School and Patterson Park: We always had each other (May 29, 2010), and check out reunion organizer Doug Green’s photos on SmugMug.


Notes: Friends of Patterson Park Meeting, April 9, 2016

Friends of Patterson Park held their first meeting in two years on April 9, and several new families joined long-time members for a discussion and pizza party at the park. The meeting was chaired by Jennifer Potter-Miller, and Jane O’Brien took notes.

l. Master Plan for Patterson Park

  • As per an April 2012 City Council Resolution, all COA parks are required to
    have a master plan in place before any new amenities can be added.
  • Discussion of how Ramsey Park (Rosedale) developed and implemented a Master Plan.
  • A master plan would be considered a “dream plan,” outlining the community’s vision for the park in short term, but also long term (10-20 years in future).
  • FoPP will conduct a survey of community priorities for Patterson Park over the spring and summer of 2016,  write up plan in the fall, and map it in winter, potentially being ready to pursue funds and/or implement a project in spring 2017.

2. Survey of community priorities for Patterson Park

  • Reviewed and edited a draft survey prepared by Jennifer Potter-Miller, based on survey conducted in 2001 by FoPP Chair Isabelle Headrick and Mary Beth Metcalf.
  • Discussed distributing the survey electronically as a Google Form, and in person at the park on weekends and special events (e.g. summer kick-off party)

3. Soccer ban at Patterson Park

  • Jane O’Brien and Jennifer Potter-Miller reported having spoken separately with Jimmy Cone at PARD, who confirmed that the soccer ban was no longer officially in place. He indicated that if there are problems (in particular, damage to the field and resulting dust) in the future, this could be revisited, most likely by posting a sign banning organized teams only.

4. Cherrywoodstock music festival

  • Two of the organizers of Cherrywoodstock, wiccit and DMan, presented the plan in progress for a free festival featuring neighborhood bands at Patterson in the fall. The project is on hold pending the approval of a permit for amplified sound.

5. Gordon Bennett memorial

  • When neighborhood icon Gordon Bennett passed away a few years ago, Chula League collected donations for a memorial. FoPP members have proposed using the funds to install trail markers connecting Patterson with the Mueller hike & bike trail, which is already named in his honor. Three markers at Patterson and one in Mueller would be required to complete the trail. There are $1621 available, and there would need to be additional funds raised to complete this project. No action was taken.

6. Institutional relationships with nearby neighborhood associations and city

  • The process of getting neighborhood support for park improvements in the past was described as informal and more of an open call to participate in FoPP by former chair Mark Smolen.
  • A few years ago the PARD did start requiring formal approval by adjacent neighborhood associations for major improvements, and the community garden taskforce went through that process.
  • Members discussed whether improvements would have to be approved individually by the affected NAs (Wilshire Wood, Cherrywood, Schieffer-Willowbrook, Delwood 2 and Mueller) if they were included in the future master plan (to be approved by all the associations), and the conclusion was that they would not. This supports the need for a thoughtful and inclusive process for developing a master plan.

7. Upcoming projects and events

  • The Patterson Park Community Garden just received approval for a water tap, and the members agreed to schedule a work day soon to break ground. Garden plots are still available. For more info, contact Mark Smolen.
  • Suggestions for spring and summer community events at the park included a Memorial Day summer kick-off party, an ice cream social, and a summer movie night.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 and everyone shared pizza and salad until 7.

Meeting notes submitted by Jane O’Brien: FoPP mtg notes April 9 DRAFT

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Photo credit: Jennifer Potter-Miller


Patterson Park Community Work Day Planned, May 14

By Mark Smolen

Join the Patterson Park Community Garden task force for a work day on Saturday, May 14 to map out the grid lines for the garden plots and set temporary posts marking the garden perimeter.

Under the auspices of Sustainable Food Center, the task force has just signed a license agreement with the City of Austin so that we can move forward with our construction of the garden. The work will proceed in phases, and the next step is to have the irrigation work for our water supply completed by the end of May. That will be followed by fence and gate work in June. This outlook is dependent on completing our negotiations with irrigation and fence contractors and, of course, on the weather. For updates and to RSVP, visit the Facebook event page.

There are still a few of our 66 plots available for anyone who might be interested in gardening with us. For more details, please contact Mark Smolen.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Patterson park

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

Families filled Patterson Park to celebrate Cinco de Mayo last week, and close to 150 people enjoyed a huge potluck dinner, games and music. Friends of Patterson Park partnered with Maplewood Elementary School to host the party during Screen Free Week, and welcomed the community to the celebration.

Many thanks to the parents who brought tamales, salads, all manner of taco fixings, and Mexican cookies and pan dulce galore, and to the school’s Dual Language Parent Teacher Committee for organizing a wonderfully goofy piñata relay race, crafts and freeze dance.

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