Maplewood Alumni Reunion May 2016. Photo by Doug Green.

3rd Maplewood Alumni Reunion held at Patterson Park

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

Maplewood Elementary School alumni from the 50s and 60s held what has become a bi-annual reunion at Patterson Park on Saturday, May 14, 2016. There was a big crowd and people brought their families to visit with childhood friends and enjoy a BBQ at their old stomping grounds. The first reunion was held in 2010 and written up in the Austin American Statesman.

We were the children of Delwood, a post-World War II subdivision built near the old Robert Mueller Municipal Airport; we were the sons and daughters of working-class and middle-class parents from America’s greatest generation. Each of us has held on to that special time without fully knowing or understanding the extent to which our childhood friends shared those same feelings and memories. Until now, that is.

article by alum here: The kids of Maplewood School and Patterson Park: We always had each other (May 29, 2010), and check out reunion organizer Doug Green’s photos on SmugMug.


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