Park Plan

Friends of Patterson Park has developed a Neighborhood Park Plan that is intended to guide our work in the coming years. It is considered a “dream plan,” the vision for improvements to the park not just now, but 10 and 20 years from now. The plan is based on the 2016 Survey of Community Priorities for Patterson Park and community meetings held in June and September 2017. It was developed using guidelines from the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

This plan has been approved by Friends of Patterson Park and the Cherrywood, Delwood 2, Mueller, Schieffer Willowbrook and Wilshire Wood/Delwood 1 Neighborhood Associations, and been presented to the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Contact Team. It was submitted  to the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department for final review in April 2018.

View and download PDF:  Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan 2018


We imagine Patterson Park as a place where the community can play, gather, and
grow together.

We want Patterson Park to be a multi-use, multi-generational space for exercise, play, and community events; we want to preserve open spaces and heritage post oaks; we want to continue to draw visitors from beyond the neighborhood; and we treasure our trees, community garden, pool, art, and sense of place at the intersection of five neighborhoods.


Looking ahead 5, 10, & 20 years, we want to

• Activate the park with more uses
• Exaggerate small/big spaces to make them feel more intimate/expansive
• Integrate trails better and add shade
• Add educational/historical component through programming & signage
• Use space to bring the surrounding neighborhoods together
• Maintain tree canopy, plant replacements
• Expand sculptural area
• Reclaim storm runoff with rain gardens
• Connect better to context through wayfinding and physical access

* Make improvements while keeping in mind preserving open space & intimate spaces*

Community Priorities

1. Playground improvements
2. Pool improvements
3. Bathroom improvements
4. Amenities
5. Trail improvements
6. Landscaping
7. Shade structures
8. Athletic field/court improvements
9. Skatepark improvements
10. Lighting
11. Fitness equipment
12. Other