Friends of Patterson Park Meeting and Pizza Party Planned for April 9

Join Friends of Patterson Park on Saturday, April 9 to talk about what our priorities for the park should be and enjoy a spring evening at the park! FoPP recently re-organized, and in the last month has

Since it has been two years since FoPP met and longer since priorities for the park have been discussed, let’s begin to think about what our community wants from Patterson.

Saturday, April 9, 4-5 p.m.
Patterson Park Pavilion

1. Intros
2. FoPP accomplishments since 2002 and 2011 priorities
3. Potential Master Plan for Patterson Park. (See Ramsey Park’s plan as example here.)
4. Finalize a survey to gather feedback on community priorities for the park
5. Current business

  • Update on status of soccer ban
  • Cherrywoodstock music festival (planned for April 2016)
  • Gordon Bennett memorial trail markers to connect with Mueller hike & bike trail (to be administered by Chula League)
  • Suggestions for small initial projects, e.g. paint 3-5 picnic tables closest to playground (last painted by Chula League several years ago)
  • Suggestions for spring and summer community events at the park
  • Review of institutional relationships with nearby neighborhood associations and city

Pizza party @ 5-6:30 p.m.

Cheese and pepperoni pizza provided by FoPP. Please bring sides or desserts to share!

2016 Easter Egg Hunt at the Park Brings Surrounding Neighborhoods Together

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

It was an unforgettable morning at Patterson Park for the 2nd Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt! We had 150 people come out, 1000+ eggs, dozens upon dozens of cascarĂ³nes, two prize baskets, and all kinds of brunch foods for a potluck.

A huge THANK YOU to

* Servant Church for the eggs, donation of chicks to Heifer International, prize basket, bottomless coffee, and their endless good will

* Patterson Park Families for even more eggs, stuffing and hiding 1000 of them, and their boundless energy for community events at our neighborhood park.

I love that all the neighborhoods surrounding Patterson Park can come together there, and that we could easily share the space with two congregations, a soccer team, and several family gatherings.

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Photo credit: Jennifer Potter-Miller. Lots more on Flickr!

Friends of Patterson Park Fundraises During Amplify Austin

Friends of Patterson Park participated in Amplify Austin for the first time last week, and raised $1,361 through the Austin Parks Foundation. Amplify Austin is an annual community-wide day of online giving, and raised $8.5 million for 611 nonprofit organization on March 8-9, 2016. Thirty five individuals made gifts to FoPP, and these will be matched at 25% by the Austin Parks Foundation. We are enormously grateful for the support of both our neighbors and friends and of APF, and look forward to continuing to care for and improve the park!

Amplify Friends of Patterson Park!

#AmplifyATX starts on March 8 at 6pm! Friends of Patterson Park has created a fundraising page for through the Austin Parks Foundation, which has agreed to match 25% of the funds we raise! Please donate a few dollars or more to help us meet our goal of $1000 so that FoPP can continue to care for and improve our neighborhood park!

Patterson Park is where five neighborhoods come together to play, exercise, and celebrate with family and friends. It brings together Cherrywood, Wilshire Wood/Delwood 1, Schieffer-Willowbrook, Delwood 2 and Mueller, and attracts visitors from all over East Austin for birthday parties, pickup soccer and basketball games, family celebrations, games of frisbee and fetch, and a variety of community events.

Friends of Patterson Park (FoPP) has been working to beautify and improve our park since 2002. Some of our initiatives include the planting of dozens of trees over several different plantings; playground improvements; the creation of and improvements to a perimeter trail; regular mulching of trees; painting of picnic tables; installation of pool house mosaic, skateboard halfpipe, shade over the baby pool, Purple Martin nesting site; and the design and initiation of a community garden with a grant from Austin Parks Foundation.

Please contribute to the care and improvement of our park so that we can guide it into its next phase as a neighborhood and regional recreational hub!

Amplify Austin Day is an annual community-wide day of online giving. It starts March 8, 2016 at 6pm and lasts for 24 hours. There are 600+ local nonprofits participating, and this year’s goal is $9M.

2016 It's My Park Day Kid Crew @ Patterson Park. Photo by J. Potter-Miller.

It’s My Park Day Kid Crew Takes Patterson by Storm

The It’s My Park Day Kid Crew met at Patterson on Saturday, March 5, and the morning exceeded all expectations! There were at least 18 families, a Boy Scout troop, a Maplewood teacher with 8 students, and a group of Cherrywood students from Lamar. Experienced Kid  Crew leader Sharon Yarborough was a pro at organizing everyone, and we all took a turn at picking up trash and mulching. The littlest ones worked on washing the playground. Thank you to all the wonderful neighbors who came out to care for our neighborhood park and show our youngest neighbors how to build community!

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Photos credit: J. Potter-Miller. Lots more on Flickr.