Who we are

Patterson Park is where five neighborhoods come together to play, exercise, and celebrate with family and friends. It brings together Cherrywood, Delwood 2, Mueller, Schieffer-Willowbrook, and Wilshire Wood/Delwood 1, and attracts visitors from all over East Austin for birthday parties, pickup soccer and basketball games, family celebrations, games of frisbee and fetch, and a variety of community events.


Friends of Patterson Park (FoPP) has been working to beautify and improve our park since 2002. We work closely with both the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and Austin Parks Foundation. Some of our initiatives include the planting of dozens of trees over several different plantings; playground improvements; the creation of and improvements to a perimeter trail; regular mulching of trees; painting of picnic tables; installation of pool house mosaic, skateboard halfpipe, shade over the baby pool, Purple Martin nesting site; and the design and installation of a community garden with a grant from Austin Parks Foundation.

What’s Next

In 2017 we look forward to the continued implementation of the Patterson Park community garden. We plan to participate in the 24 online fundraiser Amplify Austin for the second time, and raise funds for improvements and events at the park. We will continue to evaluate the results of our survey of community priorities and further define goals for updating and activating our park.

How to connect

We host seasonal events at the park, including National Night Out, luminarias, Easter egg hunts and more. We also meet regularly as we work on plans to improve and activate the park. Connect with us to get updates on the date and times of our events!








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