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CherryWoodstock – A Neighborhood Music Festival

[Update: See the final lineup for Cherrywoodstock here]

By wiccit and DMan

We are planning to hold a small music festival this fall at Patterson Park called CherryWoodstock! It will be held on a Saturday, September 17, from 12pm-6pm. This event will showcase many of the musicians that are right next door and down the street, and shine a spotlight on the talent in our own neighborhood 🙂

We have been working with and been given preliminary support from the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association, Friends of Patterson Park, local businesses and the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Austin, and we aim to meet with surrounding neighborhoods Schieffer-Willowbrook, Delwood 2, Mueller and, of course, the immediate neighbors.

This is a family-friendly event, created in the hopes of building stronger connections within our community and celebrating our little corner of the city!

We will be gathering at Cherrywood Coffeehouse on Monday, May 23, at 8:30 pm to gather anyone who would like to participate and support this idea. Hopefully, we’ll see many of you there! Look for a few goofy folk with a small CherryWoodstock! flag.

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