Friends of Patterson Park illustration by Caitlin Alexander

Community Priorities and Potential Projects

Work on the Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan will be guided by the community priorities identified in the 2016 survey we conducted. The results of the survey are reported in full here: Patterson Community Survey Results (download the PDF). priorities are listed below, with potential projects. Please join us at the September 13 community meeting to discuss what we want to include in the park plan!

1. Playground improvements

2. Pool improvements

3. Bathroom improvements

  • remodel/new construction (requires PARD bond funding)
  • add soap dispensers

4. Amenities

  • Add seating
  • Add picnic tables
  • Replace old trash cans

5. Trail improvements

  • Complete trail between Schieffer Ave. and roundabout
  • Improved trail maintenance (add granite, remove weeds)
  • Add lighting, seating

6. Landscaping

  • Tree plantings
  • Butterfly garden (included in Community Garden, spring 2017)

7. Dog park

  • Not feasible. PARD does not allow in neighborhood parks. (See list of 12 off-leash areas operated by the City of Austin)

8. Shade covers

  • Cover part of playground
  • Cover basketball court

9. Athletic field/court improvements

  • Resurface basketball court
  • Replace benches and trash cans around basketball court (PARD, spring 2017)
  • Surface tennis court
  • Replace benches and trash cans around tennis court
  • Replace fencing around tennis court

10. Splash Pad

11. Skatepark improvements

  • Resurface
  • Repair Stairs
  • Add landscaping

12, Lighting

  • Add solar lighting along trails
  • Add other lighting

13. Recycling bins

  • Add bins

14. Trash

  • replace old trash bins (partially completed by PARD, spring 2017)

15. Fitness equipment

  • Add small workout area with 2-4 pieces of equipment (e.g. pull up bar, sit up bench)
  • Remove old pullup bar by playground

16. Other

  • Fencing
  • Water fountains
  • Amphitheatre

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