Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan: Community Meeting #2

Friends of Patterson Park is leading a community effort to develop a Neighborhood Park Plan that will guide our work over the next five years. We will be driven by the Survey of Community Priorities, which was completed by 255 park users in 2016. Join us for the second of two community meetings on Wednesday, September 13 at Servant Church (1605 E. 38 1/2 St) at 5:30 p.m. Pizza and babysitting will be provided.

Key Points

* Survey of Community Priorities for Patterson Park conducted in 2017 finds many desired updates to the park (e.g. updates to playground, furnishings, athletic courts), no major new additions, some minor and medium-sized additions (e.g. play equipment, lighting, water fountains, benches)
* Parks and Rec does not recommend a master plan because we do not have plans for major new additions to the park
* A plan will be helpful to organize timeline for fundraising and projects planned for coming years
* As this is a neighborhood-led and not PARD-led process, it will be known as a Neighborhood Park Plan and not a Master Plan (e.g. Ramsey and Brentwood Park plans as models vs. $200K Pease Park plan)
* After plan is approved FoPP will only return to NAs for approval of new items not included in park plan/update of plan in 3-5 years


June 2017: Full analysis of Survey of Community Priorities for Patterson Park
September 2017: Two community meetings: June 21 and September 13

October 2017: Preparation of Plan
November – December 2017: Presentation of Plan at Neighborhood Association meetings in Delwood 2, Cherrywood, Mueller, Schieffer-Willowbrook, and Wilshire Wood
December / January 2017: Submission to Parks and Recreation Dept.


The Parks Department will provide support in the form of maps for meeting materials, attending meetings for questions and reviewing feedback/projects for feasibility.

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