Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan

Vision and Goals for Patterson Park

Part of the Neighborhood Park Plan series of posts.

FoPP held the first Community Meeting on the Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan at Servant Church on June 21, 2017. Participants discussed their vision of the park and goals for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

Vision for Patterson Park

We want a multi-use, multi-generational space for exercise, play, and community events.

We want to preserve open spaces and heritage post oaks.

We want to continue to draw visitors from beyond the neighborhood.

We treasure our trees, community garden, pool, art, and sense of place at the intersection of five neighborhoods.

Goals for Patterson Park

Activate the park with more use

Exaggerate small/big spaces to make them feel more intimate/expansive

Maintain tree canopy, plant replacements

Integrate trails better and add shade

Reclaim storm runoff with a rain garden

Add educational/historical component through programming & signage

Use space to bring five neighborhoods together

  • community events, including performances
  • fully inclusive, ADA compliant
  • regular volunteer opportunities to maintain park
  • bulletin board to share community information

Expand sculptural area

  • use abandoned concrete pad for temporary art
  • connect with Little Artist/Big Artist program
  • connect with neighborhood artists

Connect better to context

  • wayfinding
  • physical access

Make improvements while keeping in mind preserving open space & intimate spaces.


New Pool Furnishings Installed and Popsicle Social Planned to Celebrate

The picnic tables and benches purchased this spring with a grant from the Austin Parks Foundation were installed on Wednesday! The Parks and Recreation Dept. crew assembled and installed two tables and four benches, and plans to return next Wednesday to complete the project with two more benches and a trash can.  Friends of Patterson Park would like to invite our community to the pool this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. for a popsicle social to celebrate. We are thrilled with the new furnishings and so grateful to APF and PARD!

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Patterson park plan mtg June 21

June 21: Creating a Neighborhood Park Plan

Friends of Patterson Park will lead a community effort to develop a Neighborhood Park Plan to guide our work over the next five years. We will be guided by the Survey of Community Priorities, which was completed by 255 park users in 2016. Join us for the first of two community meetings on Wednesday, June 21 at Servant Church (1605 E. 38 1/2 St) at 5:30 p.m. Pizza and babysitting will be provided.


  • Survey of Community Priorities for Patterson Park conducted in 2017 finds many desired updates to the park (e.g. updates to playground, furnishings, athletic courts), no major new additions, some minor and medium-sized additions (e.g. lighting, water fountains, benches)
  • Parks and Rec does not recommend a master plan because we do not have plans for major new additions to the park
  • A plan would be helpful to organize timeline for fundraising and projects planned for coming years
  • As this is a neighborhood-led and not PARD-led process, it will be known as a Neighborhood Park Plan and not a Master Plan (e.g. Ramsey and Brentwood Park plans as models $200K Pease Park plan)
  • After plan is approved FoPP will only return to NAs for approval of new items not included in park plan/update of plan in 3-5 years


  1. June 2017: Full analysis of Survey of Community Priorities for Patterson Park
  2. September 2017: Two community meetings: June 21, 5:30 @ Servant Church and 2nd meeting in September
  3. October 2017: Preparation of Plan
  4. November – December 2017: Presentation of Plan at Neighborhood Association meetings in Delwood 2, Cherrywood, Mueller, Schieffer-Willowbrook, and Wilshire Wood
  5. December / January 2017: Submission to Parks and Recreation


The Parks Department will provide support in the form of maps for meeting materials, attending meetings for questions and reviewing feedback/projects for feasibility


Patterson Playground repairs 2017

Playground Work Nears Completion

The Patterson Park playground remains closed, but the crew from Parks and Recreation is making great progress and may be done by the end of the week. The half of the playground with equipment for toddlers is finished, with fresh mulch laid over a weed barrier and rocks for drainage. The main part of the playground is prepped and ready for mulch. We look forward to the reopening of our neighborhood park’s playground soon!

FoPP Receives Austin Parks Foundation Grant to Update Pool Area Benches and Tables

Friends of Patterson Park is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Neighborhood Grant from the Austin Parks Foundation to replace the furnishings at the Patterson pool. The grant is for $4,910 to purchase two new picnic tables, six benches and a trash can to replace the existing ones, which are in severe disrepair. The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department has generously offered to install them. We are so grateful for the continued support the Parks Foundation and PARD, and look forward to a more comfortable summer swim season at our updated neighborhood pool!


Dance of the Cosmos is Fully Funded and Coming to Patterson Park

Dance of the Cosmos is fully funded and coming to Patterson Park!  Artist Jennifer Chenoweth has informed us that PSW Real Estate, which is building the condos across Schieffer Ave from the park, has funded the balance of the long-term maintenance fund, $4,500.

Jennifer is designing a solar pole and sign stand, and will be moving the sculpture by the end of April. Keep an eye out for a ribbon cutting celebration, possibly in early May!

Many thanks the Fisterra Studio, Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Austin Parks Foundation, and PSW Real Estate for working to bring this stunning piece of art to Patterson Park.

Patterson playground closing

Patterson Playground Closing for Repairs

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department is closing the Patterson Playground for repairs on Monday, March 27.  The pour-in-place rubberized flooring has suffered extensive damage over the years is beyond the point of repair. The plan is to remove the pebbles and flooring, demo the concrete base, and replace with the mulch now standard in city parks. Work is expected to take 3-4 weeks. PARD has already done extensive work at Patterson over the last month, and this playground improvement will be tremendously beneficial to park users.

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Photos by Jennifer Potter-Miller


PARD team

PARD Carries Out Extensive Improvements at Patterson Park

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department has been hard at work at Patterson for the last month. After installing the new picnic tables for the pavilion that FoPP purchased with a grant from the Austin Parks Foundation, they kept working on a long series of improvements that have given the park a much appreciated overall update. To date these include:

  1. picnic tables: new picnic tables have replaced the old plastic coated green tables throughout the park, and the cement picnic tables have all been power washed and gotten a fresh coat of paint. Two new picnic tables have been installed at the community garden.
  2. benches: new benches have replaced the plastic coated green benches at the playground and basketball court
  3. trash bins: the outdated “trash coffins” have been replaced at the pavilion and throughout the park with new trash bins. Only a few of the pebble-studded cement receptacles remain.
  4. bathrooms: the limestone building has been power washed inside and out, and the peeling wood siding repainted
  5. small pavilion: the dilapidated second pavilion located next to the basketball court has been rebuilt, and a new picnic table installed at the center.
  6. pool: the pool shell is being refurbished, the filtration system is being repaired, and the chain link fence is going to be replaced with a wrought iron one.
  7. pet waste dispensers: new dispensers have been installed throughout the park
  8. bollards: half of the wood bollards lining the driveway into the park have been replaced with new posts, the rest will be shortly
  9. playground: the broken gear and music panels on the toddler playscape have been replaced. There was a new clear bubble panel installed, and the music box was replaced with a new one.

What’s next? The pour-in-place rubber flooring on the playground has degraded over the years and been repaired several times. There are now several linear feet of concrete exposed next to the toddler playscape. PARD is closing the playground on March 27 to begin demolition. The pebbles will be removed, as will the pour-in-place flooring, to be replaced with the wood chips now standard in City of Austin parks. Work is expected to take 3-4 weeks.

We are deeply grateful for the attention and resources PARD has devoted to our neighborhood park. It has made a tremendous difference and Patterson is looking fantastic! We encourage you to take a walk around the park to see all the improvements sometime soon.

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Photos by Jennifer Potter-Miller


Notes: February 2017 Community Meeting

Friends of Patterson Park held a community meeting on Saturday morning, February 4 at Servant Church. Donuts and childcare were provided, and 8 neighbors came out to talk with artist Jennifer Chenoweth and Brian Block, PARD liaison for Adopt-a-Park groups.

Chenoweth answered various questions about Dance of the Cosmos, including the refinishing process she is using before installing the sculpture at Patterson Park, and the kind of signage she is developing.  Block led a discussion of what to do with the community priorities for Patterson Park identified in last year’s survey. He said that since the list did not include anything transformative, i.e. a major addition to the park, that a master plan would not be required for Patterson.

Block suggested that FoPP identify what the most easily achievable priorities were and work on those first, not necessarily tackling them in order. An example of the straightforward kind of project would be adding new benches to the park, and an example of a more complex and expensive project would be resurfacing the basketball court. For the full list of priorities, click here. Since PARD is currently working on a series of improvements at Patterson, future projects should be undertaken in coordination with their work plans.

Community Priorities for Patterson Park (2016)

  1. Playsground improvements
  2. Pool improvements
  3. Bathroom improvements
  4. Trail improvements
  5. Amenities
  6. Landscaping
  7. Dog park
  8. Shade covers
  9. Athletic field/court improvements
  10. Splash Pad
  11. Skatepark improvements
  12. Lighting
  13. Recycling bins
  14. Trash
  15. Fitness equipment
  16. Water fountains
  17. Events
  18. Other social
  19. Fencing
  20. Other
  21. Amphitheatre

Community Meeting to be Held Saturday, February 4

Friends of Patterson Park would like to invite the neighbors from Cherrywood, Delwood 2, Mueller, Schieffer-Willowbrook, and Wilshire Wood to an open community meeting to discuss plans at the park for 2017.

Friends of Patterson Park Community Meeting
Saturday, February 4, 10-11:30 a.m.
Servant Church, 1605 E. 38 1/2 St., Austin, TX 78722

The main topics are:

1) Dance of the Cosmos, Jennifer Chenoweth’s kinetic scultpure, will be moving to the park later this year. This is our opportunity to ask the artist anything and everything we want to know about the piece, her work, and how it will fit into Patterson Park.

2) Fundraising priorities for park improvements. The results of the recently completed survey of community priorities indicated people’s top priorities are improvements to the playscape, pool, bathroom, trails, amenitites. But what’s practical and within reach? We’d like to determine a goal for fundraising during Amplify Austin in March. Brian Block, PARD’s liason for Adopt-A-Park groups, will be there to help us work through the options.

Childcare will be provided, so please feel free to bring your families. A babysitter will supervise an animated movie and we’ll have donuts and hot chocolate.