Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan

Vision and Goals for Patterson Park

Part of the Neighborhood Park Plan series of posts.

FoPP held the first Community Meeting on the Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan at Servant Church on June 21, 2017. Participants discussed their vision of the park and goals for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

Vision for Patterson Park

We want a multi-use, multi-generational space for exercise, play, and community events.

We want to preserve open spaces and heritage post oaks.

We want to continue to draw visitors from beyond the neighborhood.

We treasure our trees, community garden, pool, art, and sense of place at the intersection of five neighborhoods.

Goals for Patterson Park

Activate the park with more use

Exaggerate small/big spaces to make them feel more intimate/expansive

Maintain tree canopy, plant replacements

Integrate trails better and add shade

Reclaim storm runoff with a rain garden

Add educational/historical component through programming & signage

Use space to bring five neighborhoods together

  • community events, including performances
  • fully inclusive, ADA compliant
  • regular volunteer opportunities to maintain park
  • bulletin board to share community information

Expand sculptural area

  • use abandoned concrete pad for temporary art
  • connect with Little Artist/Big Artist program
  • connect with neighborhood artists

Connect better to context

  • wayfinding
  • physical access

Make improvements while keeping in mind preserving open space & intimate spaces.

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