Patterson Projects to be Reviewed by Nearby Neighborhood Associations

Friends of Patterson Park is ready to move forward on two parts of our Neighborhood Park Plan. These proposals has been approved by our group and are now submitted for consideration by surrounding neighborhoods, including Cherrywood, Mueller, Schieffer-Willowbrook and Wilshire Wood-Delwood 2.

The Cherrywood Neighborhood Association will vote on the following proposals at their upcoming general meeting on Wednesday, August 21 (Servant Church, 6:30pm), and Schieffer-Willowbrook will vote at their biannual meeting on Thursday, September 5 (Genesis Presbyterian Church, 6:30pm) The other meetings are still TBC.

PROJECT 1: Tree planting and educational signagE

* Add shade trees around the perimeter of Patterson Pool for the enjoyment and protection of swimmers.

* Add tree identification signage for the Community Grove, Post Oaks, and other trees found at the park. The priority is interactive signage encouraging park visitors to identify trees during different seasons based on their leaves, flowers, and nuts.

PROJECT 2: Enhancing safety and playability of the basketball court and baseball field

* Resurface aging blacktop.
* Replace baskets and add 9 ft baskets on sides of court for youth.
* Install a shade structure over the blacktop for sun safety.
* Replace backstop with a larger and angled style backstop.
* Install a 15′ – 20′ ft. bench for players with shade.
* Install a small 4 to 5 row bleacher for spectators with shade.
* Install warning and informational signage around the field.

Health and safety are the cornerstones of this project. Making improvements to the court and adding a shade structure will encourage many more people to use it for physical activity during more hours of the day, especially during warm months. Adding baskets at a rim height appropriate for younger players will encourage youth to play basketball using proper technique.

Replacing the backstop with an appropriately angled backstop would prevent baseballs from going into the street and the church parking lot. It would also improve pedestrian safety, as foul balls would not threaten walkers or joggers. The shaded seating structures would would give players, their friends and families a place to rest and offer support during hot Texas afternoons. Note that these improvements would make this a better practice field for adults and children, but that it will still not be appropriate for games because there is no netting along the foul lines.

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