Friends of Patterson Park illustration by Caitlin Alexander

Community Priorities and Potential Projects with Comments

Thank you to everyone who attended our community meeting on the Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan on Sept. 13. We had a productive discussion of the various projects that could meet the community priorities identified in the 2016 survey. You can see the survey results here: The draft Patterson Neighborhood Park Plan is forthcoming.

Patterson Park Community Priorities and Potential Projects with Comments
9/13/17 FoPP Community Meeting

1. Playground improvements

  • Add freestanding play elements
  • Add seating
  • Add shade
  • Add natural play area

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Monkey bars would be GREAT for older kids! Everyone would benefit from more shaded seating. Some simple boulders for natural play might fit well under oaks by community garden.
Good idea but make sure of the hanging apparatus at height adult 5 ½ to 6 ½ ft tall can use it.
Love the circle monkey bars & spinners.
Tree climbing playground equipment (aka Dove Springs park)

2. Pool improvements

  • Rebuild pool and bathhouse
  • Plant shade trees

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Love the shade additions!
Water park features like Peace Park might be cheaper & fun.
More shade at the pool. Changing rooms, lockers.

3. Bathroom improvements

  • Remodel/new construction
  • Add soap dispensers

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When rebuild move so not in the middle of oaks and playground, merge with pool bathrooms.
My favorite bathrooms in Austin! (Johnston Creek example)
Integrate with pool
It would be AMAZING to have clean, simple, modern bathrooms like these (Johnston Creek example) at our park
We need new bathrooms with soap dispensers and perhaps closer to the pool

4. Amenities

  • Replace old picnic tables, benches, trash cans
  • Add new picnic tables, benches, grills, trash cans, bike racks
  • Amphitheatre (using landscaping rocks, as implemented in Mueller and Ramsey Parks)

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Benches near volleyball court (but be strategic where it doesn’t inhibit future desires to expand the volleyball courts)
Thing through grouping of benches and/or picnic tables to allow for smaller + larger groups of family + friends at various spots.
Natural limestone benches.
I like the limestone bench idea.
Add more grills; add some picnic tables at East end of the park – it is now more of a destination; add seating by Dance of the Cosmos.
Consider crushed granite pad for new picnic tables.
Strategic planning for where to put new trash cans.
Add bike racks near destinations, not randomly.
Super simple amphitheatre at Ramsey is used for everything from kids musical performances to Shakespeare in the Park!

5. Trail improvements

  • Complete trail between Schieffer Ave. and Brookview Rd. roundabout
  • Improved trail maintenance (add granite, remove weeds)
  • Add lighting
  • Add seating
  • Add trail markers, map
  • Transitions from concrete sidewalk to crushed granite trail at each end of the sidewalk.
  • Improve connection to Mueller trail with signage, shaded seating at intersection of Wilshire Pkwy. and Airport Blvd.

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Large limestone barriers to provide perimeter seating along trails & prevent vehicle entry. This might happen with future Airport Blvd. redesign.
Some lighting along trail would be great, also trail markers, a park and trail map, and lots of seating.
Careful of cluttering with too many benches and signage – dual/multi purpose?
Trail to volleyball, skate park, community garden.
Need continuous loop of trails.
Connect with Mueller; consider merging trail with Gordon Bennet Way.
Not too much lighting.
Just walked to Mueller last night and was too too dark on walk home at Patterson.
Something more natural, not so George Orwell 1984 [as in example photo].
Check, check, check.

6. Landscaping

  • Shade tree planting in groves and along trails

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“If you plant them, they will grow”
Shade is always a benefit in Texas.
Yes! If not post oak, live oak, lacey oak, & burr oaks.
Shade trees, some flowering natives & fruit/pecan trees.
APF/TreeFolks planting project would require two-year commitment by FoPP to watering new tree groves.

7. Shade covers

  • Add shade structure over part of playground
  • Add shade structure over basketball court

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Shaded and lit basketball court would be a huge “game” changer. Now it gets very little use daytime or night.
Shade over basketball court would maximize use in daytime and evening.
Shade over basketball court!

8. Athletic field/court improvements

  • Resurface basketball court
  • Add shade structure over basketball court
  • Add lighting around basketball court
  • Surface tennis court
  • Replace benches and trash cans around tennis court
  • Replace fencing around tennis court
  • Add lighting around tennis court
  • Add mulch barrier around volleyball court
  • Add seating around volleyball court

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There are TOO MANY sticker burrs! The volleyball court is covered in sticker burrs that are hidden in the sand and stab your feet. The volleyball court was completely unplayable last time the grass was mowed because the burrs spread out. The volleyball court is my sanctuary and it breaks my heart & kills my feet trying to play there.
A bench/picnic table would be nice too; & a water hose to spray down the court in summer; & a light!
I’ve suggested to many people to play vball at Patterson, everybody says it’s the worst place in city to play because of sticker burrs. Suggest a mulch or sand barrier around the courts (Zilker has a barrier).
Desperately need to surface/resurface courts! Lighting and shade would be great to maximize use and health benefits to community.
Field: yard markers for ultimate frisbee/football; open spaces for free play!
Add soccer goals

9. Skate park improvements

  • Resurface ramp
  • Repair stairs
  • Add landscaping

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Seating & viewing area around skate ramp would encourage congregating. Be sure to ask skater community on plants and mulch, which could change aesthetic of what they prefer.
Teenagers need places too!
Maybe some tree plantings to create shade.

10. Lighting

  • Add solar lighting along trails
  • Add lighting around athletic courts

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It’s hot in Texas, people like to play ball at night. Light this baby up!
Yes, basketball court.
Volleyball courts.
Be careful about light pollution and fireflies.
Low trail lights are a good idea to consider.
Solar lights along the most busy parts of the trail would be very useful, and lighting of the athletic courts would bring a lot more people to the park.
Lighting needed on trail along Wilshire Pkwy.

11. Fitness equipment

  • Add small workout area with 2-4 pieces of equipment (e.g. pull up bar, sit up bench)
  • Remove old pull up bar by playground

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The athletic equipment along east side of Lady Bird trail is phenomenal. Please reproduce as much as possible.
Resistance training using body weight for upper body – check out what Camp Mabry uses.
I would love a sit up bench & maybe a pull up bar (for other people who seem to want them).
Please remove the dangerous old pull up bars near playground ASAP!
Consider stations around the trail.

12. Other

  • Add limestone blocks along Airport Blvd. sidewalk as seating & barrier
  • Add water fountains along trail
  • Add trail markers, signage, map

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Use same stone marker system as at Gordon Bennett Way in Mueller
I would love trail signs and also really liked the Patterson Park map designed by Chris Levack.
Trail markers would be great addition (maybe more natural wood ones instead of more formal stone signs at Mueller), as would directional signage and a map of the park.

Idea boards used at community meeting

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Patterson Park illustration by Caitlin B. Alexander, commissioned by Friends of Patterson Park. Use only with permission.

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