Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan and Patterson Park

The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan was adopted in August of 2002 by the City Council.  The section on Parks, Open Space & the Environment (see p. 67) deals with Patterson Park.

The plan states that one of the neighborhood’s objectives is to “raise the quality of Patterson Park to the level of other major parks in Austin. People of all backgrounds and ages should enjoy the park. Members of the community should form a “Friends of Patterson Park” organization to help implement suggested improvements. Ensure that there is continued maintenance and care for the post oaks and other trees throughout the park.” This is broken down into 16 proposed action items.

  • Action Item 83. Control the erosion on the west side of the park by installing a system of terraces or some other erosion control device and combine it with a gravel jogging path around the perimeter of Patterson Park.

Improve local access to Patterson Park

  • Action Item 84. Install a wheelchair- and stroller-accessible path leading from the playscape area to Wilshire Boulevard on the west side of Patterson Park.
  • Action Item 85. Complete the sidewalk at Patterson Park that is partially installed between the picnic shelter and Brookview Avenue.
  • Action Item 86. Resurface Brookview Avenue as it enters Patterson Park.

Preserve and enhance the natural beauty and functionality of Patterson Park

  • Action Item 87. Upgrade the playscape area at Patterson Park to promote its use by children of a variety of ages and their parents.  These improvements could include:
    • Replace the sand groundcover with pea gravel.
    • Remove wooden playscape and replace it with one suitable for children ages 1-3.
    • Remove metal playscape and replace it with one suitable for children ages 4-10 (as in Shipe Park or Maplewood Elementary playground).
    • Install baby swings.
    • Keep the tire and regular swings
  • Action Item 88. Install a shade cover over the baby pool at Patterson Park.
  • Action Item 89. Removed from plan. 

Improve safety conditions of Patterson Park

  • Action Item 90. Increase police patrols of Patterson Park to enforce the parks no alcohol rule.
  • Action Item 91. Move the electrical boxes near the swimming pool to just behind the lifeguard station and erect a new fence around it.
  • Action Item 92. Repair the manhole cover at Wilshire Boulevard (across from Wilshire Pkwy) to prevent further accidents.

Encourage responsible enjoyment and sense of stewardship of park by all users. In particular, encourage its users to uphold standards of cleanliness

  • Action Item 93. Raise the awareness of picnickers in Patterson Park to clean up after themselves.
  • Action Item 94. Install a dispenser for dog waste bags and raise awareness among dog-walkers for the need to use dog waste bags from a dispenser (or to bring their own bags) and to clean up after their dogs.
  • Action Item 95. Minimize the number of signs in Patterson Park and strategically place them in areas that will gain the greatest exposure to park users.
  • Action Item 96. Restrict the playing of loud music at Patterson Park before 12 noon on Sundays, out of deference to Genesis Presbyterian Church.

Increase community involvement in the improvement, maintenance, and upgrading of Patterson Park

  • Action Item 97. Conduct a survey among Patterson Park users and neighborhood residents of their perceptions of needed improvements in the park including a community/recreation center
  • Action Item 98. Install a community bulletin board/kiosk with announcements of local events and information about the vegetation found in the park. This would be a good place for community education about picking up litter and dog waste.

Learn more about the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Contact Team at https://upperboggycreek.com.